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I collect manuals of the brands that I specialize in, I have several hundred in my collection already.

So I wanted to offer to people the ability to buy a scanned copy, either by email,or If you wish onto a CD and post it .(for an extra fee)

Scans are normally done  at 400dpi in a pdf format

I fully understand, that you can find most these on the internet for free , or maybe buy them from other sellers, but this takes time ,and you are never quite sure what you will get, many are often copies of copies: many had been scanned years ago.

The difference here ,is that I physically own the manuals you see listed , so if you buy one and then say "Can you blow up one section of interest" I can do that, it will not cost you extra, as I will then send it to you free by email. and then will include it in the standard file so the next person will have that.

Often my manuals have had hand written notes on them, like change this or that, I find that very helpful.

Pricing depends on how many pages there are and how rare is the manual, or how difficult is it to scan ( some of these manuals I paid a lot for as came from overseas)

Remember you are getting a data file not the the original paper manual

Drop me a mail to say which ones you want and how you would like them to be sent.

These are the Scanned Manuals I have done already ( if you need one that's not listed please ask. Sometimes I find service Bulletins these will be included if I have them, this list will be added too, weekly.

I am just doing the Teac Manuals now, but I can do Fostex  if needed
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