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Large square 5mm belt for old idlers 2 inch

Large square 5mm belt for old idlers 2 inch

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I have many different rubber products that I order in sizes specifically for me .

So, I am currently in the process of making some idlers for Ferrograph units., this was going to be just a in house item.

But what I noted was ,many many different companies used similar sized idler wheels , be it a recorder or a turntable they all seem to be about the same.

I have decided to offer these out as they are as I had an almost impossible task to find these from any one who was willing to make them for me.

I am hoping that these can be used in many other products and that would be great 

Dimensions are in metric 39.5 inner diameter (1.55 " ) and 5mm square (0.2") outer dia just under 2 inch, I have had the ID set for some disks I have produced.

It maybe that you can machine up the part you want easy enough but have been unable to source the rubber

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