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Tascam Ninja

NAB reel centres in different sizes

NAB reel centres in different sizes

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Here I have listed some reel centres as some people want to just change a centre for making smaller or bigger reels and already have the metal plates

There are different manufacturers and I am not 100% sure they are compatible so have listed them as I see them, The Ampex ones all look pretty standard, they maybe compatible between each other I have made a note if i can

so for now I have the following

1/4 Inch Black with two Extra black holes for a location pin (Basf)  M459

1/2 Inch Black with two Extra location holes that can take tape as cuts in reel centre M460

1/2 inch Black  only M461

1/2 inch Grey only ( ampex 456) M462

1 inch black M463


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