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Revox A77 or B77 pinch capstan rollers

Revox A77 or B77 pinch capstan rollers

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I am not a Revox guy but a lot of my customers have asked me to stock these and it was easier to make them then explain why I do not make them

A lot of my customers are on a budget and some prices for complete rollers have become a bit silly

I have produced for now two rollers using brass and bronze as are the ones I have been selling for years  for Fostex machines

Originally many of these rollers used in the central section a special alloy called "Oilite" this was a special metal that if you looked at it closely it had lots of little holes in that were designed to keep the oil in the metal and it was a good idea with the oils of the day.

Here is the problem ( As advised to me) , Oilite is very very difficult to machine and the sheer fact that you machine it , for example drilling a hole you tend to flatten the holes or introduce micro particles into the holes that can cause wear issues.

Modern oils are much better at sticking to metal ( I am not talking about sewing machine oil) but modern oils used in engines and other high performance units so the cost of the Oilite units may outway the performance aspects, if you are after the top performance the bearings would be the way to go.

I may make an Oilite version if requested enough but a lot of my customers just want to get rolling asap for a fair price.

The rubber used is made especially for me and not the moulded type that I see for sale ( you can spot the mould numbers on some), these are cut exactly and spot on and smell lovely as brand new rubber.

If there is a demand for better versions I can look at that ,all and any comments welcomed.


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