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Rocol 0868 kilopoise damping back lash gear Grease

Rocol 0868 kilopoise damping back lash gear Grease


I use this grease a lot and used to buy a tin from local distributor but now more and more they do not want to stock this item as its a slow mover so insist you buy like 6 tins or 3 litres and just back to back your order which to me is not what a distributors should do as he should hold stock on the shelf, anyway I use tons of this and have decided put a little in different sizes as everyone asks me for some

This grease is used in tone arms thru to toilet seats its very hard to get now it is the genuine straight 0868 not and S or any other ending as some people just say Kilopoise grease but there are many different versions.

I use this for small gears, and on the tension arm damping springs on various recorders plus a host of other parts

Its hard to work out how much you need so have put a measure in the photo as people sell in pots or tubs etc and thats tricky get out or hard to work out what you need

This stuff is very very sticky, paraffin gets it off at once

ROCOL 868 is now obsolete from Rocol direct




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