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Soundcraft 2400 mixer front channel panels

Soundcraft 2400 mixer front channel panels

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I have just a couple of these I can ship now as the bulk is in a container I will get in late autumn but I wanted to list these now so people can see whats I have, there may be other panels on this mixer but this is what i have now

The condition of some these panels is not 100% perfect as at the sides of the panels there is some slight chipping at the bends, however i have seen these on units in a terrible rusty state so these would be fine (people storing these mixers on one end in a wet place probably) But as you do  not see the sides its fine

The underside on all of these is a bit rusty but does not come to the front

One panel is the single channel input panel

One panel is the dual output panel

Please contact me for postage and availability




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