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Soundcraft 760 762 control PCB SM3312/4

Soundcraft 760 762 control PCB SM3312/4

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This is a very very rare pcb from a Soundcraft 760 series brown fronted machine believed to be a Mark 2

It is as it was taken from a seen working machine though this board will need some minor repair as i see some of the IC legs are a bit tarnished and the idc headers could do with a clean replacing, but this is a super rare PCB and there are quite a few machines that have been stripped for parts and this board is the only thing thats missing.


Please only buy this unit if your ready to restore it and know what your doing, yes it will plug in and work but it really needs a good clean of solder joint and some parts and removing the ICs and cleaning those, all standard Cmos Ics 4011, 4071 etc pennys still I would just replace those and the transistors as all are standard



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