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Soundcraft 760 Aluminium reel table

Soundcraft 760 Aluminium reel table

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These are restored and cleaned reel tables, over time they fur up age  and look very grubby.

These have been 80% restored to remove all the bad stuff and give an over all general polish and buff that takes a while to do as its a 5 stage process.

I have not gone for a mirror like finish or removed some deeper pitting as then they would look too new as originally they was matt a little.

I put these on my 760 and they look very good and match the machine.

The reel table caps/clamps I have polished to a higher standard, its possible to even take them to a higher level but these seem to be correct,they were matt originally but as these are seen I went for a super finish, they are on another listing

Big bit of aluminium here , no  wonder these machines cost a lot

Price for one.

I guess I could a reel table service if you have some of these, but its a messy job


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