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Soundcraft 760 Mk2 pinch roller

Soundcraft 760 Mk2 pinch roller

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Rare as anything this is the pinch roller from a Mk2 , I have seen on the Mk3 it has a different internal diameter and bearing though otherwise maybe easier to change the peg maybe.

This fits a 1/4 inch shaft and the internal diameter is approx 15.3 mm wide 53.71mm tall, width with the rubber is 44.86 wide so may have been originally 50 mm.

I do not guarantee the rubber but this looks as though its been restored at some time as not gooey yet.

I have not tried to clean the aluminum ends as maybe good enough as is and dont want to damage the rubber, i have found that the aluminum used responds very well to buffing with the white and red finishing powder widely available on ebay etc


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