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Soundcraft Ghost VU meter Bridge 16/8 or 24/8?

Soundcraft Ghost VU meter Bridge 16/8 or 24/8?

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This is the grey meter bridge only for the earlier Ghost mixers its exactly 1 meter

long as it stands , very rare to see them now on their own.

I am selling the bridge as it is no hardware or ends included as standard

BUT !!!! if i have any ends I will include as I normally sell them separate but no screws etc though they all look like metric self tappers


This will be expensive to ship as needs to be packed well as can be damaged.

this is exactly 1 metre long with 16 inputs and two vu and 8 output meters

Very clean perspex and front , minor blemishes to top that you dont see



I have just had a longer one arrive its about 1.25 metre's long I am not sure which version this was for there is 32 leds so perhaps a 24-8?, again I will see if I can find any end panels to suit but no guarantee, if interested I can dig about I made this the same price as the smaller on as there are a few scratches on the top ( photo)



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