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Soundcraft mixer cable Ribbon leads from various mixers

Soundcraft mixer cable Ribbon leads from various mixers


These are some of the internal leads from My Spirit Studio and Spirit live mixers, they seem to use a common format and I am guessing that was the same on many others they of course can be chopped down for smaller units

Lead 1 marked ELCO EX/YF 0035 HAS 23 CONNECTORS 24 WAY

lead 1 total length 1 metre 18 connectors just under 4cm apart then 8cm then another 5 4cm 24 pin socket single in line i.e for single headers.

Lead 2  Not marked has 29 connectors 24 way 2 do not have the rear cable clamp but it looks like it was meant to be that way not sure, maybe its missing channel or where is the case

lead 2 1.4 metres 28 connectors approx 5cm apart then 10cm and a single one 24 pins single inline as above

Lead 3 marked ELCO DE/YE has 9 connectors 24 way

Lead 4 marked elcoes/yf 0039 19 by 8 way

Lead 5 5-8 way

Lead 6 soundcraft ghost 6 20 way idc  connectors (2x10)

Lead 7 21 x 24 single way plugs

Lead 8  14x 8 way single marked elco te/yg 0038

Lead 9 32 x 40 way idc long lead from a broadcast console guess its 3 metres long

Lead 10 Soundcraft 25 40 way idc cable RV-3I85-T R-2111 big console cable

Lead 11 Soundcraft 8 40 way idc cable RV-3186-T R-1111

Lead 12 Soundcraft 7 16 way IDC cable RV-3286-T R-1111

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