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Tascam Ninja

Tascam 112 belts

Tascam 112 belts

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New belts for the 112 ( not sure about mark 2)

I am finally starting to do after years of trying to repair my own units, this is good as I can get inside them and find out whats wrong, in this case the belts were shot.

I have good stocks of different belts but sometimes you do not know what goes where as they used different belt part numbers so hard to match up and the only way of really finding what works is pull one apart , there is a control belt and a capstan belt here, I have used a slightly wider one as the original one seemed not wide enough but maybe that was not the original but anyway belts run and centre nicely

Price for 1 belt, put both belts on the same listing as most people maybe want both or one or the other

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