Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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Tascam 144 244 246 Volume Controls Pots etc

Tascam 144 244 246 Volume Controls Pots etc


There Is now a really big interest in these old Tascam Portasudios as they run at twice the normal cassette speed, they are built like tanks and are large so easy to work with and simply sound amazing a product that was way ahead of the time.

I was selling just channel boards but many people want only one part so it was expensive for shipping etc.

Here is a range of desoldered parts that are needed

I have indicated the part numbers and values model etc, from the PCB some maybe common between the ranges but listed like this.

Supplied without nuts hardware (unless I have) but normally you are just replacing a broken one


244 switch 10 pin S101 S102

244 Pot 10k Single pot VR101

244 Pot 100k 10k triple pot VR102 VR103

244 Pot 5k 20k triple pot VR106

244 Pot 5k dual Pot VR105

244 volume slider VR104


Sadly these although light have to go as a large parcel as over 20mm Please choose the service you want, I can send up to half a kilo for same price so its worth your while to stock up on other stuff, Price to USA is same as to EU


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