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Tascam Ninja

Tascam 38 Teac mother board pcb-123 52100746-00 or 01

Tascam 38 Teac mother board pcb-123 52100746-00 or 01

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This is the main mother board that sits in the heart of the Tascam 38

This board is a pain in the butt as is ALWAYS going wrong, so you have to try and trace faults and hope you dont have to take the board out, so A few times i have thought "oh I can fix that" and then you end up lifting tracks etc and making  right bodge of the repair.

I cannot guarantee these boards work but they are clean and tidy and have not been played about with so if you are starting a new repair job then these are for you.

Commonly the foil breaks or when people push the boards in it pushed the molex connector out of the pcb which is hard to spot, really you need take a board redo all the solder connections and trace the wirinh through, watch out as sometimes the cracks are very very fine and impossible to see with the naked eye

I have seen at least two variants of this board

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