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TASCAM ATR-60 MOTOR TEAC 53700053-00 5370005300

TASCAM ATR-60 MOTOR TEAC 53700053-00 5370005300

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Powerful motor from the ATR-60, these were from an ATR-60-8, tested and run ok, will re test on sale.

This was the first time I have seen this motor as far as I can remember, its dimensionally the same as all of these TEAC larger format Reel to Reel machines ( Tascam 38 etc etc) but I note they rate this at 40 watt which is a bit more powerful, you maybe able to get away with a cheaper motor ( just a thought) if they was using this on 1/4 and 1/2 track machines (but its just me thinking out loud if you are on a budget), I have not opened one to see yet as only have 2.

Selling as is , running. I would suggest a clean up and a bearing change but that's up to you.

If its the same bearings as the standard unit then i can do that here, clean, two new bearings, check brushes and reset for 50£ a unit on the caveat that the bearings are the standard size Nikko/Skf ones


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