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Tascam M-1516 M-2516 M-2524 M-3500 M-3700 MH-40 (smokey) Knobs

Tascam M-1516 M-2516 M-2524 M-3500 M-3700 MH-40 (smokey) Knobs

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These are the same knobs used  on many of the Tascam M series  but what I have found on the 1516 is the knobs change colour, at first i thought because of smoke etc but they all change the same universally, I have tried to clean them to no avail whats over, after seeing 3-4 of these 1516's looking exactly the same I have come to the conclusion rightly or wrongly that its some sort of bromide leaching effect or an odd batch of plastic that was used

These knobs have a different height than the M-3500 M-3700

Of course if you need to replace your knobs you should find one that match or will look daft


I have some with no colour cap at all these are offered cheap;y if you just wanna twiddle

In the picture on the left is a knob from an M3500 for colour comparision.

Price in 10 off is 2.00 each


The base photo allows you to identify the one you need as has no mold markings, the base on the left is this one





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