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Tascam Ninja

Tascam M-30 M-35 single and double knobs and many other knobs

Tascam M-30 M-35 single and double knobs and many other knobs

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These knobs were widely used in a lot of Teac and Tascam units, my listings before were not always easy to understand so here I have tried to make it a bit clearer.

These double knobs are not the same as the 244 246 and probably the 388( though not sure about the 388 as not have one) the top knob is the same , the difference is in the base.

Double knob dimensions including the cap is 24.75mm measured ( bottom knob top knob and top cap together)

Top only on the double ones is 14.15mm long including cap 10.91mm wide at widest part

so thats everything to do with the Double knobs

The single knobs are brown with TEAC B-15S-2, Do not confuse these with the black ones from earlier mixers which are the same size but black.

The bigger single knobs are 16.2mm high including the cap 12.02mm wide at widest part of the knob body 14.9mm for the skirt.

They come in a wide range of colours and they a very funky colour scheme and thats why I like them as a bit of a TASCAM TEAC fan.

I have some which are a bit dirty/and scratched or tops missing they are half price mechanically sound but maybe you just want to fix up something to sell on, please ask if thats an option for you.

The blue has two different shades




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