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Tascam M2600 mk1 complete 8 way input section

Tascam M2600 mk1 complete 8 way input section

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Here is an interesting spare/module.

This is one of the 8  way modules used on the Tascam M2600 mk1 Mixer, for those not familiar with this mixer its built in modular sections of 8, you can just lift out a section and drop a new one in in its place.

Or perhaps you would like to build a little mixer then this  would be an ideal set up if you dont need anything fancy after it at the front end

If you have one of these mixers and/or you are having problems or want to restore it but need many parts then this module offeres you a huge saving over buying the parts bit by bit as all internal faders, knobs, channels are included (apart from the fader knobs) its a very very simple matter to change this section as everything is done by 3 molex connectors, its also a good spare if you are using always all the channels and simply cannot afford for one to go down.

Please contact me first if you are overseas to work out the shipping costs as the website cannot do it

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