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Tascam Ninja

Tascam Porta one or Porta two small idler tyre

Tascam Porta one or Porta two small idler tyre

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Brand new rubber tyre to solve the problem of the melting gooey Tascam ones.

I had a lot of trouble to find the small idler wheels that are used in the Porta 1 and 2 so in the end had to have them made for me, they are not simple nitrile O rings

Possibly a few other machines use these, if on your mechanism its written GEC then probably its the same, I will look through mine as often Tascam reused older designs etc

This is easy to change just pull off the little plastic wheel and it pops off then you can take the tyre out and change it, just make sure its sitting flat.

Try not to loose the top cap as they fly away easy enough never to be seen again.

I would suggest if you are doing the belts etc, change this while you are there.

One tyre only , plastic idler for information only.





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