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Tascam RC-71 MODIFIED !! REMOTE with foot switch long lead and plug

Tascam RC-71 MODIFIED !! REMOTE with foot switch long lead and plug

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Here is a very unusual offering that came in with some other stuff, its the standard remote control which is tested and works fine on my A-3440. ff rew play and all red and green light light up.

Some clever guy has added an Ibanez foot switch pedal, very solid unit its has a foot switch and what I thought was a jack plug but its another switch with the end off, so that needs to be changed really but functions fine.

I was not sure what this was for so today had a moment as one of my machines I was using to test various remotes ,as you cannot believe the ones I have had in or on Ebay "tested and working" but fact are dead as a door nail, so beware there,.

Always ask "what machine did you test it on?" if you get a do not know  answer well you should ask for sale or return if faulty.

So fired this up and its been very well wired with almost the exact cables as the original, the big foot switch puts the unit into play mode, the top switch stops it, its a very clever mod an I am guessing it was used when you wanted to turn the machine on but not using your hands .

This will be quite heavy to send as the foot switch and extra cables, I can do some testing if there are any questions, but quite impressed really.





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