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Tascam Ninja

TASCAM TSR-8 Back Reel Table Bush Assembly 5801270700

TASCAM TSR-8 Back Reel Table Bush Assembly 5801270700

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I have had to make these as there are not enough out there and many people are asking me for these.

The TSR-8 and the MSR-16 suffer from a common fault, the reel table back bushes fail and split or swell up, this is due to TEAC using a cheap alloy thats commonly used ( I kid you not) to make tin toy soldiers etc, this alloy furs up and fails.

Its common that if they warp you will be unable to break them out of the reel table, so far the only way I have done that is to saw them from the top then get them out but often the table is already broken,

If you have a machine that's working fine change these while you can as they will all fail.

There are a few people making these now and thats fine, but watch out!! as some of these were copied from a Tascam 30 series and the rear shaft is a tad to long and you cannot get the reel table to sit back on the machine (at least I had that problem)

I have listed these with the bush numbers which are different between machines but they are identical.

New made in the UK from good aluminium

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