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TASCAM TSR 8 Left or Right rollar peg 1 off

TASCAM TSR 8 Left or Right rollar peg 1 off

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These are no longer made, and whilst a simple part its a rare part now , people need to take 4 screws out and these pegs to changethe belt.
So what happens is that people or weird techs, grab these with a pair of pliers , nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooh as
1 , they normally break or
2 you will  have left the indents of the pliers which then will screw up you rollars and make your wow and flutter figures crazy.

These always seize up so before going for them put some WD40 or some other penetrating oil, dont try and force these, if after a good oiling they still dont come
off you can get at them from the long way by taking the whole frame of the capstan assembly off, you can off course try putting a piece of rubber at the peg before clamping
to get some wellie on it, the oil though normally solves the problem, re-oil before refitting, an engineering work shop will charge you 40-50 pounds to make these but they
have to be very very accurate, this is one of the biggest headaches changing belts on this model.

I have 2 from my old machine a left one with the slightly shorted base I guess 8mm and the right with a base of probably 12mm

please specify the one you need as of today i have both




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