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Tascam TSR-8 MSR-16 reel table bush

Tascam TSR-8 MSR-16 reel table bush


This is The back bush for the Tascam TSR8 machine, Tascam really used a rubbish bush here, and its very very common in humid places
for this bush to fall to pieces due to some reaction with the metal reel table, many people fit the Tascam 30 series bushes instead.

However I was breaking up a clean and well kept machine and these bushes are ok as the machine had been kept in a warm dry studio

I would be tempted to put a bit of paint or coating on these where they touch the front disk, maybe Hammerite to stop them oxidizing
and falling apart


I think these are the same as the MSR-16 need to check, probably i will get these made as I get asked a lot for the original

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