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Teac 112MK2 CONTROL M PCB 91552071-04

Teac 112MK2 CONTROL M PCB 91552071-04

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This is a very clean pcb from the 112MK2 the machine had had a fall and stopped to work before i got it.

The board I believe may not  work as it came from a very new machine that had been dropped.

This is one board thats being sold without any warranty, what you see is what you get in the photo as I have no way of testing this at this time and price reflects this

Its a very heavy board because of the transformer i would consider selling it at half the price without the transformer of just the transformer at half price if thats all you need.

It will come with another pcb marked cont S pcb


Tricky to pack this one so contact for a freight qoute


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