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Teac 22-2 22-4 and others capstan shaft 6 mm

Teac 22-2 22-4 and others capstan shaft 6 mm

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This is the smaller shaft used on the 22-2 an many of the home model units, this is the shaft only you will need to roughen it up in some cases, look at to see how to do that basically you put a piece of wet and dry paper on an old pinchwheel and let it run.( some people do not agree with this method so now all shafts are sold as arrived so can be glazed or slightly junked up with oxide as there are a few ways of cleaning these up) see debates on


they normally have one washer at the front and a washer with a metal back and rubber on the front, this can perish and I would recommend you just pad it out with normal 6mm teflon washers.


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