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Teac 80-8 capstan motor and pcb

Teac 80-8 capstan motor and pcb

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This is from a home studio machine which had been stored for years, the machines heads were half worn so this motor has seen some service, you can never tell if they will run a day or a year, though the amount of mA its drawing is normal, I have had the motor running and not noticed any problems, if you intend to do a lot of recording then best buy a new motor, I have brand new ones in stock, if you want to just get a machine up and runnng to play about then this should be fine.

Funny enough TEAC only guaranteed and still only Guarantee the motors for 90 days, always drop the tape when not in use to save motor life.

I have just had another 80-8 apart and they use an older motor, not sure if i made an error there but in this machine its the older style with a fan on it



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