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Teac 80-8 Rec Play head 53783005

Teac 80-8 Rec Play head 53783005

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Heads as always are tricky to say how much life is left in them, these came from a home studio 80-8 and I would judge these to be fair , there is about a 5-6mm wear groove in the top and bottom with and an even wear pattern so they will work fine but I dont think you will get hundreds more hours from these heads, but if you are looking to get some playback and copy tapes they will be ok.

Priced accordingly

They did not use plug in sockets on these so its a solder job leads are full length


I have left the base plates on


It was my understanding that the Record and play heads were different so playback from the record head was a bit muffled , but in this unit both heads were the same

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