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Teac EM1473 motor bearings A-3300SX later models

Teac EM1473 motor bearings A-3300SX later models

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I was repairing my own A-3300SX and I noted in the manual that I had to oil the motors thru two oiling tubes, I knew about this as I had pulled apart a 3300SX motor before and there is like a brass bush and a small oil sponge reservoir that needs to be topped up.

I was surprised as really its metal on metal so will wear and really need regular oiling.

Anyway turns out my machine is a later model , I had already found some differences when I was going through the service section

So I pulled apart a motor that I had in stock and low and behold they have fitted two ball races there, so I have bought a dozen for stock.

You need to get the motor off from the front so you will have to remove the cosmetic panel, you can then undo the motor and get to the 4 screws it comes out nicely and you can change the bearings, unusually mine popped out without needing a bash

I Use now SKF, NSK or other major brands, the Chinese ones fail , even if you do not buy these from me,  please buy good bearings

Pack of two

STAINLESS STEEL!!!!!! inside and out

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