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Tascam Ninja

Teac Tascam 1/4 Inch pinch wheel 22-2 X-7 A-3440 A-3340 and many more 5014175100

Teac Tascam 1/4 Inch pinch wheel 22-2 X-7 A-3440 A-3340 and many more 5014175100

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I have had these made as they were really becoming too expensive So have had the Hubs made in the UK and rubber from the states these are not the original ones.

There is a lot of noise going about original non original etc etc and of course its best to buy Original but when I looked at the bags on the Original parts there was no date code so these units could have been made ten years ago or more even, so I organised these with Nice fresh rubber tyres and new metal hubs.

Added to the fact they are really expensive now

The fit just about every 1/4 machine, they do not have to be centred on the hub they are full width and based on the later Tascam Teac units, it maybe very early units used a smaller width tyre but these are full width

5 mm centre hole

Unlike many of the copies out there, these have the same inner circle inside the wheel (bet you didn't know that was there) this was a pain to get it cut but I am guessing its used to hold oil and/or trap particles of metal dirt etc So added it, The Earlier Teac rollers were plain it seems inside.

These are a very accurate fit so you need clean your centre and remove all the Gunk

I will add models as people advise me for sure

22-2 22-4



X-7 X-3 X-300

Please note Tascam used another Pinch wheel cap on some models which was lower so you need a reduced height wheel

Special offer

If things are a bit tight I can put a new rubber on an old hub for 24£, not a huge saving but all helps , just ask.




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