Spare parts for TEAC and Tascam recorders
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Teac Tascam capstan Motor model EM1450 second hand

Teac Tascam capstan Motor model EM1450 second hand


This was the workhorse of the Teac and some Tascam reel to reel recorders, I have seen a later model but they seem almost the same, this came from a working unit and I have had it running a while  offer a no quibble 14 day return on these as they can sometimes run for years other times a few days depending on the original usage,

I have noted (perhaps its just me being stupid) that when these things are new they draw a certain amount of current, best I have seen being 83 mA worse 200+ mA, I was thinking maybe as brushes wear down then more current is drawn but I am not a motor man, but it seems a good way to check if there is some life in the motor or at least what life will be there.

This one is drawing hardely any 70 mA which is pretty good on my scale, this motor came out of a well serviced machine judging buy the service techs marks everywhere, my guess is someone repaired the machine and changed the motor at that time as looks almost brand new.

For this exact motor in stock now I can offer 30 day warranty photo is generic.

motor lot d2791752


I generally sell these for about 50 pounds to 150 depending if i know the history and what current its drawing


motor only with large pulley but i can change for the smaller one if you want



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