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Teac Tascam Fostex and Soundcraft service extender card hire service

Teac Tascam Fostex and Soundcraft service extender card hire service

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This is a most unusual offering.

As most people know I collect reel to reels to study them and see what parts are needed and used so I can source them and sell what I do not need.

I am not a Tech, though I have pulled apart hundreds of units so often I see what is the most common faults and often I need to test and repair units before I can break them down so I do my own repairs

That's why I  also collect the Manuals and the Service extender cards

One Tech I know asked to borrow a card and I said fine, " why don't you  hire them out ?" he said, as I have these in my collection, I thought good idea.

The deal is simple you pay the post to you , you pay post back , 50£ deposit and the cost is 10£ a month from when it arrives at your place, when you post it back you advise me the tracking number and thats the end of the hire.

Some cards are very rare and it maybe that I will actually make my own but I will try with this, if anyone has any comments or thoughts about that let me know as for example I have been searching for one or two cards for many many years and never found them.

Many people only want to do the service once so do not want to spend money on buying a card (if they can find it even).

Some cards may have been the same on some series of units so I have included the serial numbers and we may need to measure if your not sure its for your model in that series.

I have now made the 85-16 top head cards as they seem to be impossible to find and you have to have then to test the top pcb's , they  are on a separate listing on the site.

Remember you are not buying the card, you are HIRING IT!!!

TASCAM Extension PCB ATR-60 52101128-00

TASCAM Extension A PCB Model 42B  52101125-00

TASCAM Extension B PCB Model 42B  52101126-00

TASCAM Extension PCB MSR-16 MSR-24 52102598-00

TEAC Extension PCB 52100961-00 ??? unknown

TEAC Extension PCB 60502260 ??? 2 x 14 edge connectors still unknown

TEAC Extension PCB TEAC 85-16 60505420

TEAC Extension PCB TEAC 80-8 60502870

TEAC Extension PCB Teac 85-16 85-16b 44pin  ( Teac number?)

TEAC Extension PCB Teac 85-16 85-16B 56 pin ( Teac number?)

TEAC Extension PCB  ( unknown )13352652-00A

TEAC Extender PCB  ( Unknown ) 13352654-00A

FOSTEX Extension PCB E2 8251237 100





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