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Teac X-10 X-7 Spigot plastic with bar

Teac X-10 X-7 Spigot plastic with bar

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Ok this part needs a bit of explaining (just so I will remember), This was from either an X-7R or an X-10R I do not remember but there are two of these on a pcb on a bracket with a solenoid on and a bar runs between the solenoid.

This one has the bar.

I noted that on one of these it had the nut on the plastic part and a spacer so I have one like that which I guess was how it was originally, on the other it had been screwed from the solenoid , I am guessing someone lost the little spacer but seems to work fine, so good work about if that happens to you

I have seen a photo of something similar on the X-1000 but there is was reversed if that makes sense I am guessing its the same part but I would need to check the service manual to be sure.

These spigots get broken often so its a requested spare

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