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Tascam Ninja

My "BELT" project Capstan Counter Drums etc by size

My "BELT" project Capstan Counter Drums etc by size

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This is a work in progress but for the service or home repair guy ( or girl ) it maybe very useful to both of us.

I have a large quantity of belts in stock and I write the model number for each belt

e.g" Belt for Capstan 38" etc.

I am buying belts mainly for my TEAC, TASCAM Fostex units, but on odd occasions people are searching for belts for other machines which maybe the same, I have also found that sometimes someone in the USA is looking for a slightly different size on decks with dual 50/60 Hz pulleys

Some of my belts also fit VCR units or even projectors or record players etc.

Belts are normally organised into Flat. Round, Square styles with a width and a length and a thickness so it starts to get a little complicated

I will list my belts just by length and width

So FB230X8 means its a flat belt 230mm long by 8mm wide ( I hope that makes sense)

I am asking people who buy belts like this to advise me what machines they are using them on , as this will allow me to advertise to people who are ordering by Model number.

For now I have not put prices as the listing wont allow so many variations maybe I can do by price groups as I said its a work in progress. listed in mm in brackets is (INCHES)

These are all approx sizes ,contact me for prices and I would welcome any feedbac


FB203X5 ( 8X0.2)

FB254X3 (10X0.12)

SB269X2 (10.6X0.079)

FB292X5.97 (11.5X0.235)

FB317X7.2 (12.5X0.283)

FB323X6 (12.7X0.235)

FB335X7.6 (13.2X0.3)

FB335X4 (13.2X0.156)

FB340X7 (13.4X0.276)

FB368X7.85 (14.5X0.31)

FB388X10.2 (15.3X0.4


FB437X8.12 (17.2X0.32)

FB462X7.9 (18.2X0.312)

FB635X10.2 (25X0.4)




SB107X0.9 (4.2X0.034)

SB140X0.92 (5.5X0.036)

SB178X1.2 (7X0.046)




RB277X2.6 (10.9X0.103)

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