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Tascam Ninja

TSR-8 Tascam 48 Timing Guide Roller Rubber Tyre Tire

TSR-8 Tascam 48 Timing Guide Roller Rubber Tyre Tire

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Brand new rubber tyre to solve the problem of the melting gooey Tascam ones.

Its taken me an age to get these as, on one side its a simple thing ,but on the other it has to be really well made or the counter will read the wrong speed, these are close to spot on loosing just 7 seconds in 20minutes, not sure what spec the original was

These are a little tricky to get on but they will prise over the lip and then you can slide them across a bit as they will give a little, snug fit, no glue needed, I did not try with any soapy water just slid them on.

The original ones had waves but these are flat and seems to make better contact.

I have put Tascam 48 as I have a Tascam 48-OB and they fit that fine , I think these were the only two machines that used this size , though there maybe others

Selling tyre only, picture with the complete unit is for illustration only.

If there is interest I now can make much bigger tyres ,perhaps for the 1 inch machines




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